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Wed, September 18, 2019

Timing Belts
Complete range of timing belts in standard inch and metric pitches. Materials: neoprene, fiberglass, urethane, polyester, or Kevlar. .080" (MXL) Pitch available in Neoprene and Polyurethane. .0816" (40DP) Pitch Urethane Polyester or Kevlar.

Neoprene Timing Belts

  • Fiberglass, Kevlar® or Steel Reinforcement
  • MXL, 40DP, XL, L, H
  • 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 14mm and 20mm HTD®
  • 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, PowerGrip® GT®
  • 8mm and 14mm PowerGrip® HTD®
  • Double-sided DH, DL, DXL
  • Twin Power PowerGrip® 8mm 14mm
  • Non-standard pitches
  • Molded Urethane Timing Belts

  • Polyester, Kevlar® or Steel Reinforcement
  • 40DP, MXL, XL, L, H
  • Metric pitches T2.5, T5, T10
  • AT5, AT10
  • 8mm and 14mm Poly Chain® GT®
  • Double-sided DT5, DT10
  • Dual Durometer covers
  • Cleats & lugs
  • Welded Urethane Timing Belts

  • Kevlar®, or steel tension members
  • XL, L, H, XH, T5, T10, T20
  • AT5, AT10, AT20
  • 5mm, 8mm and 14mm HTD®
  • 5mm, 8mm STD®
  • Supported Urethane Flat Belts: F-8, F-12
  • Unsupported Urethane Flat Belts: F-8U, F-12U
  • Open lengths can be welded together for long lengths or specials sizes otherwise unavailable
  • Conveying and linear drives
  • Nylon facing
  • Fused cleats & lugs
  • Extra backing available
  • Self Tracking
  • FDA/USDA compounds
  • MXL (.080) Neoprene
    T80 (.080) Urethane Kevlar® / Urethane Poly
    .0816 (40DP) Neoprene
    T81 (.0816) Urethane Kevlar® / Urethane Poly
    XL (.200) Neoprene
    XL (.200) Urethane Kevlar® / Urethane Poly
    Double Sided XL (.200") Neoprene
    L (.375) Neoprene
    L (.375) Urethane Steel
    Double Sided L (.375") Neoprene
    H (.500) Neoprene
    Double Sided H (.500) Neoprene
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